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Racism is over when you don’t notice race anymore

March 9, 2014

Southpark often has some good points, but one of their best ones was the one with the “racist flag”. Do you know the one, where they want to change the town flag in this one:

South Park Racist Flag

Racist Flag

and everyone is really horrified by it, because the black guy is being hang, but the boys can’t get why everyone is so shocked by the flag, because it doesn’t even come to their minds, that the colour of the figures even matter. Well isn’t this how it should be – there are four white guys and one black guy, but all you see are just five guys? And it doesn’t come to mind to treat the black one differently, because skin colour is just as meaningless to you as eye- or hearcolour. Is this even possible?

I really don’t think that I’ll live long enough to see a society like that. Today even hear colour is still sometimes the object of prejudices. A movie about slavery has just won the oscar – so race is still very very noticeable. Maybe we’ll never overcome it, but in many many years, we all will be so mixed up, that all the races will become one “unirace” with features from all races. Then it wouldn’t be that easy to differentiate races… Although, today we see discrimination not only based on race, but also on other stupid things, that you really don’t see at first sight. E.g. in Germany there’s still a big gap between West- and Ost-Germany, although people look pretty much the same in both… So maybe there will always be some kind of discrimination, but only based on different things than race? Is this the best we can reach? What do you think?

It’s pretty sad that today I really can’t dream the dream of Martin Luther King and imagine a world where people aren’t being judged by their colour, OK, maybe they’re not being judged by their colour, but their colour still matters a lot and brings up lots of prejudice and maybe is partly responsible for the enormous gap between black and white prisoners… We need prejudice to simplify the complex world around us, but really, do we need so much? Come on, we can drop some out, let’s start with the big ones, because they really matter! Or if you want start with the little ones, any kind of reducing prejudices is still a step forward 🙂

PS. check out this video


Is this how a feminist looks like too?

October 19, 2013
hello kitty feminist

hello kitty feminist

I am a feminist, simply because I believe that both genders should have equal rights and nobody should be discriminated on grounds of their gender. This is what feminism is actually about, in my opinion. But often I feel like it goes way beyond that.

Sometimes it’s about how you raise your children, how you dress etc. At least that is the feeling I always get from my feminist friends. Some are very tolerant, others not so much. It’s always really good, if your son doesn’t only play with cars and guns, but also with puppets and other “girly stuff”. Really the best is if your little girl loves blue, green or yellow, play with lego, cars and pirates and doesn’t even own a barbie. Little girls who play with puppets and love hello kitty are kind of… not feministic. Exactly like women who take the name of their husband after the marriage, or women who marry at all, or women who stay at home and prefer to be a full-time-mothers and “have it all”, or also women who dress like obviously really sexy (not classy sexy, just sexy) or even worse – girly…

This is kind of wrong, isn’t it? Isn’t feminism about not discriminating girls or boys, regardless if they play with puppets or cars and not about trying to simply switch the gender roles and try to make boys more girly and girls more boyish? Isn’t that leading to just another problem of the same manner, as we are not becoming more tolerant about personal choices, but simply starting to prefer and reward “not traditional” personal choices…

It’s just something that always comes to my mind when talking to some feminist friends… How do you feel about it?