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It’a a new year and the photo-editing fun is just starting!

January 5, 2014

Hey there, happy new year all!

I’m just so enthusiastic about photo-filter and all the editing software that is now available to all of us for absolutely free via smartphones etc. I’m even starting to love google, although it’s really bad, because it let’s me do fun stuff like adding structure to photos. That’s really cool, take a look:

Hamburg's Townhall

Hamburg’s Town hall

One month ago I was thinking “filter and instagram – it really just makes all pictures look the same – a bit old and instagramy”. Well, may be it does, but some pictures really look better in their instagramy outfit. At least I think so now. Let’s check on it again in a couple of months, till then – just have fun 🙂

Still – I can’t get used to taking pictures with my phone. It’s kind of disrespectful and the quality is really not that good (this depends on your phone of course). The two pictures below are taken with a smartphone. I would think that without the filter-editing they really wouldn’t be worth showing. Or maybe with the filter all pictures really do look the same and we are loosing our sense and respect for reality the same way we do when it comes to the beauty of a women and publishing unedited model pictures in magazines…

But where do editing starts? Is fixing your “basics” like brightness, contrast, white balance etc. already changing the reality and making it more “prettier” or is this more like fixing the picture more like the way you actually saw it with your eyes… ??? I really don’t know, but I’m sure that we’ll see in the near future 🙂

Hotel George V in Paris

Hotel George V in Paris

french breakfast

french breakfast

Photo editing gone wild :)

December 1, 2012

Hey there,

as you know I have a new camera. With the new camera I’ve also got new photo editing software. So there was a lot of playing around with pictures in the past days and here are some pieces for you 🙂

winter flowers 22


What about photo editing?

September 19, 2010

Since I’ve got my first very own camera I really enjoy taking pictures with it, but I’m not a fan of photo editing for two reasons: 1. I don’t really know how to do it and I’m not really motivated to learn it because 2. I believe that you either have a good picture or not, photo editing has a cheating-flair for me.

Since Ashwin began to publish some of his amazing photos (e.g. this one:

) and we talked a little about photography we came to the conclusion, that with photo editing you can make a good photo to a great one while a bad photo is always a bad photo. So let’s see, since I can’t really do editing, Ashwin edited several pictures from my vacation.