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More new things…

May 15, 2011

I really don’t know why most of the new things here are really simply silly, but well – at least they are new 🙂

So lately I liked a FB-comment for the first time and it was fun 🙂


Dear Facebook-Friend,

April 3, 2011

I don’t get you most of the time. Sometimes you really scare me. Too often you make me really sad. Bellow you can read why etc.



March 19, 2010

People do stupid things, when they want some distraction. I broke my computer, I’ve finished my book and now I’ve reached the bottom- I’ve signed in for Facebook…

So visit me there 😉 I still don’t have a page, but you can find me under Coping Koala. Here it is 🙂

I could go on Twitter too… but I’ll save it for bad times 😉