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Unwanted Thoughts/Feelings?

July 9, 2010

Do you know what I mean? Sometimes some thoughts/feeling are coming into your head/heart, but you don’t really like them and/or you think that they’re “not yours”, but they keep coming again and again to bother you…

I have things like that all the time. Especially in dreams (dreams are some kind of thoughts and feelings in my opinion). I’ve thought, that they’re “not mine” and I should push them out of my mind/heart, but the opposite, of course they’re mine, I just think, that I don’t want them.

But the thing is, that I actually do. Nobody can put thoughts/feelings in my head/heart, of course they’re mine and I (should) want and deal with them, simply because there’s a reason for them to be there!

I know I’m not telling you something really new, smart or something, but I needed to write it out, 10x blogotherapy 🙂