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So what about the habit?

March 12, 2011

My dears, it’s been almost a month and a half since I’ve started building up a new habit. So what happened?

In the 28 days of February I’ve been creaming my hands in the bus every morning on my way to work. Because I’m weirdly conscientious – every morning I was thinking “O wait, you HAVE TO cream you hands, because you’ve decided to try this habit thing – remember?”.


It’s new, it’s exiting – it’s a habit!!!

January 25, 2011

So my dears, it’s decided: I want to from a habit!

I still like my life without habits, but I want to know what having a habit feels like, although if I form a real habit I shouldn’t feel anything about it. Some researcher-dudes say it takes about 28 up to 66 days to form a habit and that sounds reasonable and doable (does that word really exist? Leo suggested it and Ii think it sounds really funny, but I’ve never heard anyone saying it…).

Since I’m moving in march, I was thinking stuff like “o yeah, when I move out I’ll finally start jogging again, I’ll be living next to the park and it’ll be warmer etc.” and at some point I’ve thought “wait a minute you stupid FMTWG, why are you putting this stuff off, you have a whole month till then, you can form a new good habit and move out with it already”. Not only do I have a whole month, I also have exactly 28 days of February that I can use for forming a habit and in the time till the 01.02.2011 I can let you choose my first habit ❗

The exiting part for me is that

1. It’s new for me (at least according to my own perception of my habit-history)

2. I’m exited to see if and how exactly this “habit” will be formed in this 28 day, I’ll keep you updated of course.

So please, tell me:

*of course it’s my decision etc., but I just wanted to still ask you

*I don’t drink coffee, but since I’m always so tired and sleepy lately, I want to see what it’ll be like to be “on caffeine” for a month…

Life without habits…

December 9, 2010

Habits are important, useful, everybody has some and it’s hard to get rid of them. Apparently.

But I don’t have any. I’ve always knew that I’m not the typical “habit-animal”, but at a seminar last weekend, where we were talking about motivation and habits, it just became clear to me that I don’t have any habits. Not one. At least not one I can think of.

We had the assignment to think of good and bad habits, their advantages and disadvantages. I knew what a habit is, what typical human habits are and what their advantages and disadvantages are, but not from my personal experience, I’ve never experienced this “automatism” in a relative complex behavior. I’ve never even reached a routine in bike riding or auto driving. If I invest more time in creating some habits it’ll probably work, but I’m now sure, I’ll try it soon. But till then I still have to think about everything I do, there’s no automatism that relieves my mind.

I asked the teacher if he knows if the difference between people with lots of habits and people with very few or no habits had been studies and he said, that he doesn’t think that there are people with no habits. Well I think there are, e.g. me and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. And I must say that I really like my life without habits. I’ve been even staying away from habitual behavior consciously all my life, it seems like I’ve never seen habits as a good thing…

How about you and your relationship with habits?

Someone without habits reading this?