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Lamers web- and technology preferences

August 13, 2010

David recently shared some really annoying excuses involving technology and I agree with him on most points, but there is more:

1. You may have 100 free sms a month or so and I’m happy for you, but if you send me a text and I call you – pick up if you can, don’t make me send you a text! I can understand if you’re in the library, a seminar, busy or something (and you should be smart enough to turn off the sound of your phone there), but just for the love of texting, come on.


Lamer’s experience with… iPod

February 6, 2010

iPod is not a misspelled iPad, I really mean iPod. And I really made my first experiences with an iPod just a few weeks ago… Great Thanks to my bro πŸ™‚

So, first impression was nice- it’s orange, which can be enough to win my sympathy. It looks good and I think that’s pretty much what it’s all about. If I was a teenager I would definitely need one cool iPod like every other cool kid too πŸ˜‰ And it would have to be in my favorite colour…Β  So I can understand why the sales areΒ  so good.

But besides that- there’s nothing good about that thing. Just NOTHING.

It hurts my ears… Either my ears are too small or these things are just not really comfortable.

It distracts me from daydreaming & Co.

It takes 1 extra Minute to put on before going out.

I had to install iTunes. Not that it’s such a big problem, but it’s annoying why do I have to use one certain program? Stupid company politics and strategy…

So- it seems like nothing special to me. What’s the fuzz about it?

Lamer’s experience… with Web 2.0 ???

January 19, 2010

O yeah- I’m a Lamer 😦 Yep, that came up to me today, there’s no running away anymore, I must confess it…

I’m not really comfortable with it though… I’ve never tought of me as a “Lamer” (in the meaning of a person, who doesn’t know a thing about computer & Co.), but it seems like I am. It wasn’t always like that. In the past I’ve absorbed some of my brother’s knowledge, even enough to be a geek in my class… And today I’m overwhelmed with using a Google Reader, or making anything on my blog? What the hell is happening with me ❓