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Little Koala in the Big City!

October 17, 2010

Yeah, your little koala has arrived in her new home. Home? Really? Well no, not yet… we’ll see.

Leaving wasn’t hard, it seems like it never is, it wasn’t hard to leave Bulgaria either. I didn’t have the feeling that I’m leaving something, but simply that I’m moving forward. Nowadays I really don’t think that your relationship with someone is over if you’re not living in the same town, even with people you’re not that close I think that it’s really likely that your ways cross again, you never know. Sadly on the pretty card in the white envelope behind the rose it says otherwise, but I’ll be glad to prove it wrong…

The fact that leaving wasn’t hard doesn’t mean that I’ll not miss anyone. I’ll miss a lot (or more like several) people, but as said – I’m sure that we’ll still see each other. I’ll make sure that we will 😉