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Don’t we need sickness to appreciate health?

January 7, 2014

It sucks to be sick. But it has something wonderful too. It gives you the chance to appreciate your health. How often do you think: “wow, breathing in and breathing out, that’s so amazing!” or “having a normal body temperature, that feels so wonderful”. Usually we just don’t feel these things, exactly because they are normal. But given the contrast of e.g. fever, you’ll be more than able to feel and appreciate your normal body temperature. And this normal body temperature will feel great. For like a little while. And then it’ll just become normal again and we’ll forget about the wonder of health…

If you were to learn about relaxation techniques, one of the first things you’ll learn will be to try to stain the muscle you want to relax as much as you can and then let the strain go and the muscle will relax automatically. It’ll be extreamly hart for you to try to just relax this muscle, but in the contrast of straining it the relaxation just comes automatically. Just like it’s almost imposible for us to appreciate the wonder of breathing, when we are breathing all the time. But if you are sick and your noise is stuffed for a couple of days, you’ll feel like reborn when you can breath freely again and you’ll be very very thankful about this wonder of nature in a very mindful way. Mindfulness is to live in the moment and be fully present and feel just exactly what is happening right now, which you can do best, when you get some difference from your “normal” state.

I could wish you to try to appreciate your health in that way more from time to time, but that’s really unrealistic. So just try to really appreciate it in the moments where you are getting better after being sick 🙂