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Would you steal a million dollars?

October 29, 2013

This was an interesting question I saw on the Blog of the Perspective Collector, one really interesting person 🙂 So it’s simple:

“If you were guaranteed that no-one would ever find out that you stole a million dollars, would you steal it? All you have to do is walk into a room and take it – no robbing a bank or anything. Just like taking a pen from a desk. Don’t bother asking the what if’s or the but that isn’t possible, IT’S HYPOTHETICAL!”

So this is not a moral situation like in the Black Button, where you have to kill someone for the money, this someone possibly being you, someone from your family or just really a randomly chosen ANYONE on earth.

You only have to STEAL the money and it’s even guaranteed that you’ll never have to deal with legal consequences. My only problem with it would be that I wouldn’t know who do I steel that money from. I mean, I would be more than happy to steal a million dollars from the Nestle CEO (even if that could kind of make me look like a bad person for some people), but I wouldn’t want to steal it from people, who really need the money.

The only reason I would want to steal the money anyway is that I think, that with a million dollars one could really make some difference for the many starving people in the world, if one only really really wants. Not only in order to get tax benefits, but because he really wants to help these people. I believe, that the people, who really want to help, don’t have enough money to do it, and those who have the money, don’t really want to help. For me that’s the only explanation why so many people have to starve and die terribly in a world, where other people spend unbelievably lots of money on all the crap that “luxury labels” are producing and where a single person has more money than some countries put together…

So to make it short – I would steal the money, simply because I believe, that I could use it in a way that would help much more people than the stealing would have hurt…

What about you?

About… donations?

June 24, 2010

Donating (I really don’t like that word, therefore the question mark above…) is a weird feeling for me. It’s mostly good of course, that’s why I do it. You have the chance to help someone, who really needs your help, that’s really amazing.

But it’s also confusing for me, simply because I don’t have a lot of money. In fact I have about the minimum on money that I need to cover my bills. But I don’t feel poor, not like before, unlike a lot of other colleague students that could make more money then me, but feel poor. That’s nice. Actually being and feeling poor really sucks and feeling the comfort of having a little money rather then no money is great.

People often talk about cherishing the little that you have, but many can not do it, just because they’ve never had less then they have now. I did. So now sometimes I try to cherish what I have by helping someone, that have less. That happens mostly spontaneous and may be in a moment of some kind of “good feeling”. And sometimes, like now, the doubt, that I gave too much money, more than I can afford, bothers me afterwards. Mostly only because people around me talk like I should really be counting every cent (not that I couldn’t use some of that…) and never ever thinking about donating something till I make couple of thousands a moth.

So actually, it’s not like I should keep my money for me, but other people should give more than they do 🙂

Giving and sharing the little that you have is really a good thing, so go do it (they are a lot of ways, find your own 🙂 (you could take a look here ) instead of just joining another group in facebook 🙂

ps. here and here are two great posts (in Bulgarian) about giving from Tisho 🙂


Love revolution

November 10, 2009

We all know about the sexual revolution- it really changed some things. So it’s not impossible to direct the society in a way that people will be happier.  But what do we need today, that will improve our society. What does our society lacks in?

die milos :)

I think that is love*. The most people today lack in love. How come? I don’t really know, but I think it has something to do with too much sex and too much money.