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Who will look into your eyes when you’re dead?*

February 12, 2011

Do you have an organ donor card?

I do. I’ve done it more or less spontaneously, like almost everything I do. I’ve always considered organ donation as the only option for me, still I have a card only since 6 months or so, because it’s kind of weird and unpleasant to think about “when I’m dead”. A lot of people I know are also willing to donate their organs, but don’t have a card, simply because they “don’t want to think about it”. I have that card because I don’t want someone else to have to make this decision for me. Donating your organs is one thing, having to decide if you’re willing to give the organs of someone you love to someone you don’t know while not knowing the wish of the one you love is a¬†completely¬†other thing and I don’t want someone I love to be put in this really unpleasant situation.