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Fake is the new Real !

December 1, 2011

Now and then I see strange things. People caring more about FB-friendships than real ones. People caring more about YouTube-Views than making short movie with good quality and a message. People signing their children in three foreign languages classes and not letting them playing wild outside. People thinking their kid has ADHD if it doesn’t want to sit down quietly all day long. Anyway, just whistle and sing along “Fake is the new Rea!”

The “real” 😉 “fake is the new real” is here 🙂

How do you know you’re not in the Matrix?

April 13, 2011

I ask myself that every time I see a house like that:

Love, Brainwash, Light…

August 11, 2010

For about a month I’ve been thinking to myself that love is brainwash and I’ve been trying to falsify or verify this suggestion, but with no success. So I want to put order in my thoughts and see what will come up:

Basically for me stumbling over love changed everything. It was not exactly a change of what there was, but a major extension, an upgrade of the world as I knew it. And that upgraded world was really great, lovely,  addictive, absorbing, infatuating etc. All perfect. I was insanely happy there and this happiness turned my value system and goals upside down (the brainwash).