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So have you planed something special for the weekend?

October 6, 2013

I really have a problem with this question. Or it’s sister-question “Have you planed something special for tonight?”. I get it all the time or at least I feel like I get it far too often, probably because I hate it so much. So what’s the problem with it?

When people ask about “something special planned”, I imagine:


And people mostly mean something like going out somewhere special, doing something special, more special than just going out for drinks in some random bar with friends or staying at home.

But when I hurry to get home for the weekend or the evening, it’s mostly not because I’ve planned “something special”, but simply because I can’t wait to get home to my loved one and just enjoy some time with him, and hug him, and kiss him, and… which is like the most special thing in the world! Or also that I want to see some friends tonight, just to see them and talk to them, without doing “something special”. For me it’s so weird that people apparently don’t think this is enough to be called “something special” or to be enough for dinner or weekend plans, like it is only special if you have planed something more extensive.

So often I just answer: “Well, nothing like really super “special”, just relaxing at home and meeting some friends”, while I really want to say: “Well yes, the most special thing in the world – spending time with my special one and meeting some really special good friends!”

pancakes on orange plate 22In this manner of speaking – happy Sunday or pancake day!