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About… Temptation! (3) Revenge!!!

July 9, 2010

Wow, that’s a lot of exclamation marks up there?

-Yep, that’s because Revenge is an exclamatory feeling (is it a feeling ❓ ), that’s also why I’ll write Revenge with a capital letter here.

So, so- Revenge! May be you’ve noticed that this third part of “The Temptation Trilogy” 😉 comes a little bit late (here the first and second one), that’s because I haven’t really made my peace with Revenge and I’m “ping-ponging” about my attitude towards Revenge too.

On the one hand, Revenge is a great temptation, may be even greater as desire, because it’s really sooo sweet. I would think about Revenge and picture a slice of a really, really tasty cake and I can feel, physically feel, how the cake/the Revenge is drawing me in to itself, it’s whispering, with a deep, dark, sexy and very tempting voice “Come, take a bite/Revenge yourself”. If you look up “Revenge” in Leo, you’ll see the phrase “to satisfy one’s desire ❗ for Revenge“. And yep, Revenge is just sooo sweet, on the one hand.

But on the other hand Revenge is just dumb. It’s not wrong, I don’t believe that Revenge is wrong or bad, but just that it’s stupid . That’s what helps me not to do it. You know, if there’s something really sweet, that you shouldn’t be doing, you’ll just wanna do it more and more. But if that sweet thing has really bad consequences and does make you and others feel really bad in the long term, there’s no point in doing it. And, like with a really tasty cake, Revenge is a very tempting, exquisite desert with very, very bad aftertaste, a short moment of pleasure ending with more people feeling bad as before.

I’ll stop here. If clarification is necessarily, just ask :). I’ll be glad if one yellow scorpio/dandelion 😉 share a view/a story on/of Revenge, because it seems to me that I’ve lost the scorpio Revenge passion & talent (if she has one, I’m just guessing).

*Wordpress says, that “desire” is a complex expression, WTF?, people are not that stupid yet…

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