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I don’t feel like blogging…

October 8, 2010

…so I don’t blog (um… except for now?). That’s for the very few people who may be wondering why there were so few posts lately. I’m not apologizing or something, I’m not sorry, I’m just explaining myself probably to just myself, as always, because I feel like it 🙂

I feel like buying a lots of chips, meat (maybe it’s time for another vegan period?) and sweets from the new shop right next to my block. I feel like reading job offers and instead of sending resumes thinking with hours about which picture I should use. I feel like not calling all the people, who remembered that I was here after they found out that I’m leaving. I feel like not packing my stuff. I feel like throwing everything in the trashcan until my stuff doesn’t take more than two bags. I feel like going somewhere else. I feel like not going to a party. I feel like talking to someone new. I feel like cleaning up my friends-list.  I feel like making (mental)drafts.

I feel – so everything’s good 🙂