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An hour-marriage, gender equality and Islam?

November 17, 2010

One of my new neighbors comes from Iraq and is half-Muslim. As maybe you all know, you’re not allowed to have sex before marriage according to the Koran and the Bible! Most Christians are pretty liberal in that aspect, most Muslims not. But the Muslims still want to have sex and have become more liberal sexually. So what do they do? – they do time limited marriage.

My neighbor told me, that before he can get physical with a lady, he has to marry her, even if it’s only for an hour. There’s a contact, that he and she have to sign. It doesn’t matter if the women is Islamic or not. The contract (the symbolic marriage) is just an expression of the deep respect for the women and a security police for her. The contact says something like “any children or complications resulting from that marriage lie in the responsibility of the two people signed below and are equal to the children from a traditional marriage”. So this contract kind of makes sure that the women is equal to the man – she has no more consequences to fear than the man,  both are equally responsible for their actions and even the children are safe from being called “bastard” or something.

So isn’t that system kind of better than our way, which is more like “well, if something happens – though luck, you have to see how you can get by”, because we all know that contraceptives are not 100% effective and the women always has the bad cards, if something happens it’s her problem, not his or both. Additionally the child may have to face unpleasant comment in more conservative regions.

That’s what I’ve thought afterwards. As he told me about that “marriage” I just couldn’t stop laughing….

Would you sign such contract? What do you think – is it a good / bad thing? Is that real equality or the opposite?

I guess some could say, that it’s discrimination, because the assumption, that a women couldn’t make it on her own. But why should we make everything on our own, while it takes two to tango? Should we?