Private Message ?

The NSA-affair got everyone thinking about online privacy a bit more. But in my opinion the NSA is not the biggest threat for privacy on the net, it’s much more simply the people theirselves. I really don’t feel insecure because the NSA could be spying on my messages or something, I feel much more insecure about the person I am talking to not keeping our conversation, photos etc. to theirselves. While I’ve never heard anything from the NSA by now, I’ve often seen private messages being pasted in other conversation or even on facebook-walls, pictures who were shared in a private dropbox-folder being shared on facebook-walls unasked, pictures of me I’ve never seen before being shared on my wall or somewhere else etc. This may have become normal to some extend, but it definitely makes the internet a not so private space. Everyone should be aware of the many possibilities to share information, who was supposed to be private, to everyone else out there. Even snapchat wouldn’t really help, you can mostly make a snapshot of your photo with one touch. That makes the rising of sexting even more puzzling to me, but I guess that young people today simply need to feel like they can trust someone enough … to send him a naked picture of theirselves and that he’ll keep it to himself. But can they? I don’t think so…


3 Responses to “Private Message ?”

  1. slideworld Says:

    I want one too (from the naked pictures).
    A little bit serious 🙂 about what is on your mind. Hmm privacy is something interesting as a question and depends on trust. So never share something that you don’t want to be seen of somebody else. Except the times that you show the pictures to this person on your PC.
    If you don’t want to worry about something don’t share it at all. I hope I said it clear :).

    • teo Says:

      Fair point 🙂 Definitely true and still not that easy…
      I’ve commented on it on the next post, take a look 🙂

  2. If you don’t want to be betrayed, just don’t trust anyone | little coping koala Says:

    […] under construction « Private Message ? […]

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