Let’s play a (blogging) game: I’ve never…

You know how it goes, so let’s a play a bit:

O wait, we are in the blogosphere, so here are “the rules” of the game. I’ll tell you 13 things I’ve never done and if you’ve done one of them, you have to make a post with 13 things you’ve never done too etc. It would also be nice to tell me, which things you’ve done and post a comment or a link, so that I know you’re playing 🙂 If you have a better idea of the rules – write a comment, suggestions are welcome 🙂

So enough talking 😉

1. I’ve never eaten Ben & Jerry’s Gherry Garcia Ice Cream 🙂

2. I’ve never been so drunk that I had to trow up

3. I’ve never been to NYC 😦

4. I’ve never seen The Godfather

5. I’ve also never read (or seen) Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings

6. I’ve never been really sick

7. I’ve never had a boyfriend, who wasn’t a Bulgarian

8. I’ve never dyed my hair

9. I’ve never had someone doing my nails

10. I’ve never danced the robot

11. I’ve never been to Disneyland

12. I’ve never hold a baby

13. I’ve never learned to play a music instrument


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14 Responses to “Let’s play a (blogging) game: I’ve never…”

  1. Nezzo Says:

    Цели 7 съм правила 😀
    I’ve done 7 of those 😀

  2. Svetlina Says:

    Аз признавам за 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13 и печеля 🙂
    Не ми е ясно дали целиш да се похвалиш, че не си правила нещо или да провериш дали да направиш нещо. Във всеки случай недей да гледаш Хари Потър или Властелинът, няма филм, който да е по-добър от книгата, с изключение на Стар Трек.
    I admit for 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13 and I win 🙂
    I don’t know if you want to brag about these thing or if you want to do them in the future. Either way you shouldn’t watch Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, there is no film that is better then the book, besides Star Teck.

  3. teo Says:

    Seems to me, like I should expect a post from you both soon 🙂

    Some of the things I want to do in the future, for not doing some other onces I’m glad. I just wanted to play a game and I’ve written some random things…

    Never seen Star Treck either… 😛

  4. Svetlina Says:

    Shame on you! Give me some time and I`ll show you the real game 🙂 And there will be no Harry Potters in my post 😛

    • teo Says:

      😀 at the real game there wouldn’t be Harry Potter in mine too, but without drinking all the offer stuff aren’t that fun… 😛

  5. Nezzo Says:

    Well.. I don’t know.. I can try but I’m really not from those people who have “I’ve never…”. If I’ve done it already or I’m able to do it.

    • teo Says:

      There are definetly things that you are able to do, but just haven’t got a chance or the time yet. E. g. I believe I know that you’ve never read Machiavelli yet?
      If you would have done everything you could do, I believe you wouldn’t be still living, or at least it would be a petty boring life…

      So I’m waiting for your post 😉

  6. Nezzo Says:

    Xaxaxa…. I’m doomed!

  7. My New Thing for Today :) « little coping koala Says:

    […] of reason to do it – just call it your new thing for the day.You should take a look at your “I’ve never”-List sometime […]

  8. Baby Says:

    I’ve done seven of these, too, some of them more than once. 😉

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