My first photo walk :)

OK, it wasn’t only a photo-walk, I had to go to the store anyway, but I took my camera and went to the river, which isn’t hard to find – you just go in the direction where the wind comes from.

It was funny to go for a walk by myself, but I wanted to do that in a long time. What I find sad is, that on my walk I met a lot of other people, who were going for a walk by themselves too.

It was so sad watching how about 5 people, who are walking alone, go around the shore and try not to look at each other. We could say “Hi!” to each other, ask what’s going on, what is the other person doing here. I know, that if you do this, people are mostly friendly, nice and happy about it. But despite my progress in social contacts I didn’t do or say a thing too, I just took some pictures and left, I just went with the flow, or maybe I was just too sad to be a cheery social catalyzer… Anyway, here are some pics for you:

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10 Responses to “My first photo walk :)”

  1. godlesspaladin Says:

    Sehr schon. I wish I lived someplace with scenery like that. Unfortunately nothing is within walking distance, and everything around here is just malls and run down stores. There is a small lake and some trees across the street, but it’s not much:

    • teo Says:

      10x 🙂 I live in a neighborhood, that’s pretty far away from the city, every neighborhood looks different and the river is not always in walking distance in Hamburg.

      The lake is beautiful, enjoy 🙂

  2. astilar Says:

    Понякога хората се разхождат на места, където търсят усамотение, за да се концентрират. Да кажеш поне здравей е подходящо, но не винаги си в състояние да го направиш. Да завържеш разговор, да очакваш някой да проведе разговор с теб по време на тези разходки…, ами ако се разминавате безмълвно в продължение на един – два месеца, може и да се случи. 🙂
    Снимките ти са страхотни! Четвъртата ми харесва най-много. 🙂
    Тео, извинявай, че коментирам на български, но все е по-добре отколкото да не коментирам, май. 🙂

    Sometimes people walk around places, where they look for some alone time, so that they can concentrate. To say “hi” may be appropriate, but you’re not always able to do ti. To make a conversation, to expect that someone will talk with you at this walks…, well, if you pass by each other for two months it can happen 🙂
    The pictures are great! I like the fourth one the best 🙂
    Teo, sorry, that I comment in Bulgarian, but better so than not to comment at all 😉

    • teo Says:

      I didn’t have the feeling, that the other people there today were looking for a place to concentrate or to be alone, but I know what you mean and I agree.

      I don’t expect it to happen or that you should always do it, but simply that in the situation I had the feeling of estrangement, that could easily be broken, but it wasn’t…

      Glad you liked the pictures 🙂 And you can comment as you like, I’m always happy to see you here 😉

  3. Nezzo Says:

    Tikiiiiii! That’s one good spend of time if you ask me 🙂 Doesn’t matter if you’r alone or not. Personally I feel better when I’m alone and make photos. Other people with me are distraction 🙂

  4. bpdisme Says:

    Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing. When walking, I’ve often thought it odd how people don’t always say “hi” to one another. Although I must admit that oftentimes when I’m walking I’m in my own little world with my ipod on and can’t be bothered — but even then I at least try and smile if I see someone else pass by. Anyway, I’ve never actually gone on a “photo walk” but it sounds like a great idea. I’ve read a lot lately about the positive forces of photography and how it forces one to look outside one’s self. Anyway, thanks again for sharing. You are a very talented photographer! I look forward to seeing more of your work. Take care. 🙂

    • teo Says:

      “work” – wow, thank you very much, I really don’t consider myself as a photographer, but it’s nice to hear 🙂

      Photography can be very helpful, to look outside or also inside yourself, depending on what you need. Photography does help me with reducing my fear of insects and as far as I can talk of the name of bipolar people, I think it can really help with finding your “inner center”…

  5. The Lazy Photographer Says:

    Wow Teo, lovely pics. I like the first the best. Congrats on your first photo outing. I go on them all the time. Good for the soul. 😉

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