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My first photo walk :)

November 6, 2010

OK, it wasn’t only a photo-walk, I had to go to the store anyway, but I took my camera and went to the river, which isn’t hard to find – you just go in the direction where the wind comes from.

It was funny to go for a walk by myself, but I wanted to do that in a long time. What I find sad is, that on my walk I met a lot of other people, who were going for a walk by themselves too.

It was so sad watching how about 5 people, who are walking alone, go around the shore and try not to look at each other. We could say “Hi!” to each other, ask what’s going on, what is the other person doing here. I know, that if you do this, people are mostly friendly, nice and happy about it. But despite my progress in social contacts I didn’t do or say a thing too, I just took some pictures and left, I just went with the flow, or maybe I was just too sad to be a cheery social catalyzer… Anyway, here are some pics for you:


Feeling lonely…

February 28, 2010

I don’t know why. I hate this mood(s). Everything is perfect- ok, of course not perfect, but there’s not really anything wrong. Although I feel lonely. even not exactly lonely, but just down.

It’s ridiculous normally there’s a problem, so I brace myself and get a long, then it goes up, up, up and when everything is fine- it goes doooown. Crazy stuff…